Busquets Lift Talk Related Problems Pique

Gerard Pique, who has given a tense situation in the Spanish national team, saying he supported the Catalan independence.

But at the same time, Pique still meet the call the Spanish national team that will play in 2018 World Cup qualifying.

However, Pique desire is actually insulted by Sergio Ramos. According to the national team captain Pique has done less well as a professional player.

And this situation seems to provoke Sergio Busquets to speak up. Pique’s team-mates insist that the ongoing case will be difficult to resolve.

“This is not an easy condition for us in the national team. It’s hard to end Pique’s problem, “Busquets told local media.

“There has been no special meeting to overcome this problem. I do not know if Ramos and Pique have spoken yet. But this sort of thing is common. Pique is the same as ever. “

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