Challenge Chelsea, Arsenal Want to Repeat Performance at Wembley

Arsenal captain Per Mertesacker does not want his team to repeat such mistakes against Liverpool Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. German defender was actually hoping the Gunners can repeat the performance when Chelsea conquered twice at Wembley.

When against Liverpool, Arsenal slaughtered with a score of 0-4. Lucky they got up and won in the next two games against Bournemouth in the Premier League, and Cologne in the Europa League.

However, the challenge faced Arsenal again this week. They will challenge defending champions Chelsea at home.

“We are condemned in Liverpool for being stuck in their style of play so we will not repeat the same mistakes this time,” Mertesacker said as quoted by the Evening Standard.

“Liverpool beat us by relying on counter-attack, and I think Chelsea will do the same, we have to find the rhythm of the game as soon as possible to win,” he added.

Mertesacker realizes beating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge is not easy. Especially last season Arsenal lost 1-3 at the same place.

“Wembley field with Stamford Bridge is very different, but we will try to repeat such performance at Wembley,” said Mertesacker.

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